Interaction Components on Ecosystem

Land and water ecosystem consist of biotic and abiotic components. In ecosystem, interaction occur between abiotic and biotic component and between one biotic component with the other one

Picture interactions between ecosystem components

Can you explain the picture above?

Picture of interaction between the components of the ecosystem, the sun as a source of energy and the nutrient elements in the land that is used for plants (producers) do photosynthesis (abiotic-biotic interactions). Producers will be eaten by first consumer until tertiary consumer (food pyramid) make food chains and food webs this interaction occurs between biotic and biotic interaction (biotic-biotic interactions). If component biotic death, decomposer will decompose organic materials of dead organisms into inorganic ones, so plant can use it to photosynthesis.

We can see the interaction between abiotic and biotic component and biotic component in an ecosystem in the following water cycle.

All organisms on the earth need water for their survivals. The water on earth will form a water cycle. On a clear day, seawater evaporate and forms a mass of condense water in the atmosphere. The condensed water form cloud which also condense and result in rain, the rain-water is absorbed by the soil. Then, the water accumulates into water spring and flows to the rivers and ends up in seas. This process is called water cycle

Water required in the course of aquatic  ecosystems and terrestrial ecosystems. Terrestrial ecosystems, organisms require water for drinking, excretion, and digesting food, on producers and consumers, while in aquatic ecosystems, water is a habitat for living organisms on fresh water and marine ecosystem, from these explanations, the water is one abiotic component of ecosystems is very important to keep living organisms. It is the reason why we (human) must be keep the clean water so ecosystem will be exist in earth


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FoodWeb dapat diakses pada
WaterCycle dapat diakses pada


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